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Compact Combo Billet/Flaker

The Compact Combo Billet/Flaker starts out with a durable 7/8" Delrin handle that boasts the new Twist-Lock design. The Twist-Lock offers the ability to adjust your copper nail to any length with no tools by simply twisting the nose piece. The other end offers a 7/8" solid head copper billet. This design allows for a longer life and more durability over a traditional cap billet. Simply twist the nose piece and the copper nail can be fully retracted inside the tool for percussion work.

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2 in 1 Tool!
*4 1/2" over all length

* Twist-Lock design (No tools required)
* Knurled copper wire
* Compact
* The only tool you need to make an a point!
(Item# KT200)
Price: $30.00
Shipping: $4.00
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